Thursday, December 11, 2008

Semester Favorites

Throughout the semester, we have studied many different genres of graphic novels. We have focused on line, color, content, artistry, text, and many other topics. We have covered a great deal of information in the realm of graphic novels. Personally, I enjoyed the several of the memoir graphic novels because I was able to relate easier to an author that was trying to explain their story through this artistic medium. I also preferred comics with a more simplistic art style. I felt that when there was too much detail, it often took away from the message that a simpler style could tell just as well. These are just a few of my preferences that I realize when I look back at the semester as a whole.

I was wondering what people's thoughts were on which pieces of the course they particularly enjoyed studying. Now that we're nearly finished, what was the best part?

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Justina Cho said...

Sometimes, I think that getting away from reality is a good thing. When I read books, I try to "spend my time" in a different place, see a new perspective, and have fun. Graphic novels like Watchmen inherently has some serious topics; however, they are dealt in a rather impractical way, which makes the story even more interesting.

Though I was just talking about how unrealistic things are fun to read, my favorite of the graphic novels we've read is Maus. Holocaust stories have always intrigued me, so that may be why I liked Maus so much. I thought that Art Spiegelman successfully incorporated a very serious event in comic form. It's difficult to do something like that without mocking the topic or making it too humorous.

One graphic novel that I did not like was Fun Home. The book was too redundant. We were constantly brought back to the same ideas and I felt like there was no story being developed. At the beginning, we find out about the relationship between Alison Bechdel and her father. Frequently, we're brought to it again but with no significant new information.