Friday, December 12, 2008

Alternative Graphic Novel Choices

Orbiter is a graphic novel I found while conducting my multi-genre project. It is a science fiction novel which tells the story of a lost space shuttle in the not so far away future NASA program. The loss of the shuttle forced NASA to discontinue manned space missions. Miraculously the shuttle reappears in a firey crash with many mysteries surrounding it; like why it has no radiation contamination after spending 10 years in space and why it appears that a skin is coating the ship.

Although the novel read had interesting plot it was a rather short book with only 100 pages and unfortunetly did not have much depth in the plot. The athour used a very realistic drawing style with full color pages; which was themed by dark colors and created a gloomy atmosphere. The boarder sepearting each panel was in black and the majority of the panels are a very personal detailed close perspective drawing.

I think that this style of drawing was similar to watchmen yet completely different due to the color scheme. I would definetly say that the style played a major role in communicating the mood and plot of the novel.

This novel was different from what we have read in class in that it was a sci-fi feature novel yet was still of a similar serious mood as the novels we read. I would have liked to have read a sci-fi style graphic novel in class. After completing my multi genre project I would have particularly have enjoyed a work from the "cyberpunk" genre.

Is there any graphic novel genre you would have found interesting to read?

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