Monday, December 15, 2008

Online Graphic Novels?

Throughout this year, we have read various kinds graphic novels, ranging from comics (Watchmen) to biographies (Persepolis). All of these books have portrayed what Scott McCloud wrote in Understanding Comics. We were able to see how closure was used and how different panel types, use of color, use of form/style and different viewpoints were utilized to make the novels relay the messages that they did. In Watchmen, color helped show the gruesome parts that otherwise wouldn't stand out. In Safe Area Gorazde, the use of facial expression helped convey the emotion that was involved and in some panels, the use of closure let the reader infer what happened next. But there are many other types of graphic novels that we didn't look at. For example, online comics and graphic novels has become very popular and are found all over the internet. And some of them are very unorthodox in terms of style and content. Do you think that we, as a graphic novels class/course, should look into online graphic novels as well as read conventional novels? Or would you rather only look at graphic novels in books?

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