Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Multigenre Project

I was wondering what others thought about presenting their research through different genres. Personally, I like the creativity needed for this project. In this graphic novel course, the graphic part is very important to each book. A final paper without a visual aspect, in my opinion, would have been insufficient for this course. Being able to control the visual and written content of my project, and finding a good balance, was crucial to having a decent project.

What do others think of this project and was it better than just a paper?

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Yifei said...

Veronica, I agree with you completely. When writing papers for this class earlier in the semester, I often ran into problems when it came to describe the visual aspect of the novel. Sometimes, it just felt plain awkward describing the art in a specific panel. This project really allowed us to reach a specific mood and create a flow that a regular paper just wouldn't do.