Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comic Book Movies

Hey everyone, so the link goes to an online article posted on I read it and wondered that maybe it's true; especially the Watchmen comment. Since you've read the book, and you know what kind of graphics it contains, do you think the R-rated film will be a success? This is what the author of the article said,

Can Comic Book Movies Turn the Page?

"Watchmen" (March 2009): "The original 'Watchmen' comic book/graphic novel arguably did for that medium what 'The Dark Knight' did for comic-based movies: elevated them from fanboy obsession to serious art form. '300' director Zack Snyder's cinematic version (after nearly two decades of development) is not only reportedly faithful to the source material, but going where no other film about superheroes has gone before -- into the realm of the R rating. Alan Moore's tale -- a sophisticated allegory about power, heroism, totalitarianism and cultural upheaval -- was not intended for children, but will adults flock to see it on the screen? Whatever happens, we'll be watching 'Watchmen' closely to see if it makes the leap from comic book Holy Grail to genuine pop culture blockbuster."

Do you have any thoughts about the other movies the article mentions?

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