Friday, December 12, 2008

Multigenre Project: V for Vendetta

Although I admit it was a bit overwhelming, I really enjoyed the Multigenre Project. The open-ended prompt really allowed me to exercise my creativity and draw from my past knowledge of comics. I was able to pursue detailed research about my topic, which I was genuinely interested in. I chose to explore the transition from comic to film for V for Vendetta. And I must say, I've had a lot of fun doing it.

Surprisingly, there are many differences between the comic and the film. For one, the overarching theme in the movie is nothing at all what Alan Moore had intended to convey to his readers through the comic. They were so different that Alan Moore chose to remove his name from the movie credits. In an interview he said, "I've read the screenplay. It's rubbish." Alan Moore definitely wasn't afraid to tell the world what he felt.

Just like V.

When I first watched the movie, it immediately became one of my favorites. I felt that the story was brilliant and inspiring. However, now that I know how much the movie deviated from the comic, I'm not sure what to think. Through the movie, most of the details and ideas in the comic that Alan Moore spent years developing have been lost.

Was creating a film adaptation of the comic really a good idea? Do you feel that the movie did justice to the comic?

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