Monday, October 12, 2009


At the end of Maus I, I was very surprised to see Art shout out at his father like that. "God damn you! You-you murderer! How the hell could you do such a thing!!" Art seemed so calm and interested in the stories his dad told before that I thought this sudden outburst was uncanny. Do you think there was a deeper reason that Art wanted those memoirs other than more tangible proof of the Holocaust to write about? In addition, why do you think Art Spiegelman as the author chose to end the first installment of Maus with that last word, "murderer"? How do you think the transition from Maus I to Maus II could be made less choppy? Putting Art's dad's death in the beginning was not chronological. What do you think was Art's reasoning behind that?

-CeeCee Chang

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