Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maus Discussion Questions

While reading Maus, I found it different than other graphic novels that I read like The Watchmen and such. The style and the narration are just two aspects that Spiegelman modifies in Maus. In some ways, I really like what Spiegelman has done with Maus; however, in some ways I find that what he did didn't really affect me positively. For example, often I pose the question: Why did he choose the color scheme that he did; did he want it to have specific meaning? For me the color scheme made it almost a dull read. And didn't really allow for my mind to really pick something special out about the characters. Also, I ask: what did Spiegelman want us to get out of the father-son relationship that he depicted between himself and Vladek in Maus?


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Michael Hancock said...

Could you reword #2 slightly so it focuses more on effect than on intent? We can't read Spiegelman's mind.