Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Maus Discussion Questions

My first question is from page 59 of Maus II. Felix knew that he was going to be taken away by the German the next day. There was really nothing that anyone could do about it. He had no chance to survive. How do you think it would feel spending the night knowing that the next day you were going to be taken away and you couldn't do anything about it?

My second question is from page 72 from Maus II. The prisoners that worked there had to pour gasoline over dead and alive people and burn them. Then they would shovel the human fat back on so that the people would burn better. Would do you think was going through their minds during this time and do you think you could handle that mental strain?

-Sam Groesch

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Michael Hancock said...

These questions are evaluative rather than interpretive; they focus on the reader's values or actions in a similar situation. Focus instead on issues for which the text is our primary evidence.