Wednesday, October 7, 2009


While reading Maus and Maus II, I did not come across many questions. I did wonder why the stories randomly switched from Vladek's story to present day, which sometimes caught me off guard. The transitions were fast. So, my first questions is, Why did Art change the scenes of his stories so quickly? Was it to keep the reader interested? One of the other questions I had was: Why does Maus have a colorful cover to the book, even though the entire inside is in black and white? I know why the inside is only done in those colors to keep the pages simple and color would change the mood of the story. I was just wondering about the cover.

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Jeselle said...

I would agree that the transitions from past to present could be quite quick, but I think that the 'quickness' of the transitions reflect how we sharply switch between memories. Also, I think regardless of the inside being in black and white, covers are generally colorful to attract attention.