Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watchmen trailers

I found this trailer of the Watchmen movie today. Note how many of the clips mirror frames in the graphic novel. I also found it interesting how some of the costumes are different, like Laurie's, Dan's, and Veidt's. They're much more spandex-y, perhaps to make the movie seem more modern? Laurie's costume in the graphic novel, though probably risque back in the 80s, isn't too unusual now. Perhaps her new costume is meant to reflect the sex appeal her character is supposed to have. I also noticed that Dan seems rather fit in the trailer; in the comic he looked somewhat overweight. Again, this is probably to appeal to society's traditional views of superheroes. Veidt's costume is very different in color...any reason for this?

The old trailer is here, if anyone hasn't seen it. Some of the scenes are the same as in this newer trailer.


snguyen said...

Oops, forgot to include the link to the old trailer.

Meg said...

We didn't get many glimpses of Dan, but I know he was definitely meant to be a little chubbier than the rest of the characters. I saw an interview with several of the actors where he laughed about how he actually had to put on weight for the part. I think the costumes probably were modernized a little bit so that people wouldn't be put off by the extreme 80s-ness. :P