Monday, October 20, 2008

Blankets: Pastor Hypocritical?

While reading Blankets I found that on page 518 in the bottom frame the pastor is getting a number from one of the women that seemed to be listening in while Craig the pastor were talking. This at first seemed that she might be trying to "pick up" the pastor because it seemed as though they were trying to keep this exchange a secret because their backs are turned away from Craig and they also had weird smirks on their faces. However, after looking back over it and taking the background information into play I come up with the idea that she might just be giving him her number as a friend for someone to talk to for support. However if it was that they were trying to get together then it would show how the pastor was hypocritical and that the speech that he gave to Craig beforehand was just for show. I was wondering what other people thought.

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