Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Master Race

I don't think we ever discussed "Master Race" in class, and I think it's worth discussing.  I thought it was cool how it was sort of told in second person directed at Carl Reissman.  It made it seem kind of like a movie with someone talking/shouting at the screen.  For example, when the narrator said "He's coming toward you, Carl!  Run!  This is your chance! Run!" it seemed kind of like the typical "Don't open that door!" that one might yell when watching a horror movie.  I was also very surprised by the revelation that Reissman commanded the concentration camp.  I initially assumed that Reissman had been imprisoned in the camp, so this really shocked me.  Was anyone else surprised by this, or was it just me?

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Erika said...

Actually, from the very beginning I assumed he was a Nazi. I guess it was because his name was German. But, I spent most of the story trying to figure out if he was a prisoner or just a lowly guard. Him being the commander really did surprise me.