Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun Home Irony

I thought it was interesting how Alison and her family call such a morbid place as the funeral home “Fun home” for short. I think this contrast between the outward name of a place and the actual place is a major theme throughout the book. For example, the Bechdel family seems to be a typical family of five living in a beautifully renovated house. However, underneath this façade of contentedness lies a variety of tensions; Alison struggles to understand her father and her own masculine side throughout the book, while her father fights an internal battle against his sexual identity, eventually resulting in a suicide.


2DDQmom said...

It is ironic! But at the time, I think that Alison had many mini adventures in the Fun Home that could be categorized as "fun." :]

2DDQspicy said...

I thought the title of the book "Fun Home" was meant to be sarcastic. However, by the end of the novel, Alison did end up appreciating her father and her family.