Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watchmen trailers

I found this trailer of the Watchmen movie today. Note how many of the clips mirror frames in the graphic novel. I also found it interesting how some of the costumes are different, like Laurie's, Dan's, and Veidt's. They're much more spandex-y, perhaps to make the movie seem more modern? Laurie's costume in the graphic novel, though probably risque back in the 80s, isn't too unusual now. Perhaps her new costume is meant to reflect the sex appeal her character is supposed to have. I also noticed that Dan seems rather fit in the trailer; in the comic he looked somewhat overweight. Again, this is probably to appeal to society's traditional views of superheroes. Veidt's costume is very different in color...any reason for this?

The old trailer is here, if anyone hasn't seen it. Some of the scenes are the same as in this newer trailer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blankets: Pastor Hypocritical?

While reading Blankets I found that on page 518 in the bottom frame the pastor is getting a number from one of the women that seemed to be listening in while Craig the pastor were talking. This at first seemed that she might be trying to "pick up" the pastor because it seemed as though they were trying to keep this exchange a secret because their backs are turned away from Craig and they also had weird smirks on their faces. However, after looking back over it and taking the background information into play I come up with the idea that she might just be giving him her number as a friend for someone to talk to for support. However if it was that they were trying to get together then it would show how the pastor was hypocritical and that the speech that he gave to Craig beforehand was just for show. I was wondering what other people thought.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Master Race

I don't think we ever discussed "Master Race" in class, and I think it's worth discussing.  I thought it was cool how it was sort of told in second person directed at Carl Reissman.  It made it seem kind of like a movie with someone talking/shouting at the screen.  For example, when the narrator said "He's coming toward you, Carl!  Run!  This is your chance! Run!" it seemed kind of like the typical "Don't open that door!" that one might yell when watching a horror movie.  I was also very surprised by the revelation that Reissman commanded the concentration camp.  I initially assumed that Reissman had been imprisoned in the camp, so this really shocked me.  Was anyone else surprised by this, or was it just me?


As one of the people reading Epileptic, my duty this week was Discussion Director. The questions that engage discussion are those that are interpretative or analytical. The reader is supposed to look at the author's work and attempt to fathom its inherent meaning. This is all very well and good. However, upon reading the author interviews, I find that the potential for engaging discussion has been greatly impeded. Every question that surfaces in my (quite inquisitive) mind can be answered directly from David B. himself.

Do the author interviews render the position of Discussion Director as futile?

On a side note, I found it interesting that Persepolis, Blankets, and Epileptic were all published by the same company, L'Association.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Simpsons

The Simpsons had an episode where a cool new comic book shop opened across the street from the Comic Book Guy's store. Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Dan Clowes all went to the new shop to book sign. I found it amusing that the first three authors whose works we read all appeared in the same episode.

You can see it here:

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Snowman

One of the possible essay topics is to talk about the children's book, The Snowman. It is recognized as a great work, but most people avoid calling it a comic book. I own a copy and I thought that I'd share with you what it says on the back cover.

"In this wordless tour de force, award-winning illustrator Raymond Briggs uses more than 175 subtly colored, neatly arranged picture frames to tell of a wondrous winter adventure shared by a little boy and a snowman who has magically sprung to life."

Please note the use of "illustrator" instead of "comic book artist" and "picture frames" instead of "panels".


So while reading Percepolis, do you guys have any questions about what we are reading?
If you do, post them on the blog so they can be answered!! To start off, why do you guys think that author's family didn't try to leave after the violence and protesting took a turn for the worse?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raising more questions than answers

Blankets p.223

The main panel makes me fear for his sanity.

Watchmen analysis

helped clarify a few things for me

Friday, October 3, 2008


Rachel showed me this picture, and I figured everyone would be able to appreciate it. I'm a fan of their character pairings, especially Charlie Brown and Snoopy.