Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Proposed topic for the class graphic novel :)

Have you ever imagined that your story would be told in a graphic novel form? I sure didn't, until I was in the shower on Sunday and had a spark of brilliance.

So, without further ado, my proposed topic is that we pair up randomly with someone else in the class, or preferably pick someone that you genuinely don’t know (I know, I know, we all like being with our friends. But do you not want to learn about something hilarious or intriguing about someone mysterious in our class?)

And with that, you interview them for a story you find interesting about something that happened to them at IMSA (because of, relating to...etc.). It can be something funny, depressing, happy, distressing, mind-boggling, and/or anything else you two can think of.

It would be a nice idea in order to get to know your fellow classmates better, since we all have a story to tell. Additionally, since it's nearing the end of our high school career, even knowing someone a little bit better would make our class more cohesive and friendly as a whole.

Envision our final product as a tapestry of the teenage experience, and a reflection of what happens when we're given a little more freedom and mountains more stress.

We, as a class, could potentially also do a chapter on Dr. Hancock as well, and why we picked his graphic novels class that ties us all together.

-Julia K

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