Thursday, November 5, 2009

Graphic Novel Project Ideas

Here are some ideas for our graphic novel project. I based them on the theme of people unable to tell their own story, which I believe was the original focus of the assignment.

One is of Flight 93, the flight that was hijacked on September 11 and through which the terrorists were targeting Washington, D.C., but which was redirected by its crew and/or passengers. We could use, as primary sources, the black box recordings from the flight and any interviews given by family members. As secondary sources, we could use movies made on the subject (I know there are at least three) and any other media on the subject.

The other is a bit more historical and would take more imagination, but might be more fun. Its' subject is the conquest of the Aztec Empire by Cortes from the eyes of an Aztec. We could choose any Aztec - a citizen, the emperor (who was taken hostage by Cortes), or a nobleman - and depict the story realistically, rather than the distanced viewpoint given in most history books. It would be a tragic novel since in the end, the Aztecs were all killed or conquered by Spain.


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