Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What do you think about this?

When thinking about the definition of Graphic Novels, I found this thought twirling through the quagmire that is my psyche: "Graphic Novels are meant to tell stories caught between a book novel and a film; the use of pictures and words together work to show the reader an idea or image uncatchable by the other two mediums".
Now, I am not saying this is the goal of all Graphic Novels, but it creates a interesting way to look at them; they are the best (and possibly worst) of both the picture world and the language world, creating, evoking, and examining thoughts and ideas otherwise untouchable by art.


Michael Hancock said...

Isn't there in fact much that the medium of comics shares with the other arts in terms of storytelling and representational devices and techniques? Doesn't that help to explain why so many graphic novels have been adapted to film?

Father Llymic said...

It's the fact that it combines the best of both visual and written mediums that lends comics it potency, although these shared forms do help comics along the way.