Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogging 101

This forum gives us the chance to share ideas and information related to the subject of the class. The most effective posts will record an interesting thought and provoke comments from others. As in your other writing for class, be clear and concise; posts can range from a brief paragraph to a mini-essay. I encourage you to take advantage of the online resources available to blogs, including images and links to other relevant pages and sites. You may respond to a text we're reading, explore topics that expand our class discussions, consider a particular theoretical approach, or solicit feedback on research interests. Reviews of other texts, including articles and books of criticism, are fine, but go beyond mere summary to evaluate the work's value and/or claims. Most of all, I want this blog to be what you want it to be; we'll learn from one another by following our interests and passions here. Go ahead—post, read, and comment!

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